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released November 15, 2013

Produced by Vensaire & Scott Colburn
Additional Producing on track 8 by Geoff Strasser
Mixed by Scott Colburn & Julian Martlew
Additional Mixing on 2,5,6,8 by Geoff Strasser
Mastered by Joe Lambert
Assistant Engineered by Dara Hirsch & Geoff Strasser
古箏 played by Cindy Chen
Cover Illustration by John Stortz




Vensaire 北九州市, Japan

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Track Name: If
i'm running real fast to/from the thought
of where i'm going & where I'm not
oh it's a constantly twisting knot

if i was a sailor
you know i’d be building my boat at sea
but I'm just so afraid of sinking

i'm not quite sure what i'm living for
i've swept my ashes halfway out the door
oh even my sadness is a bore

yet i keep trying to keep waking up
& hold my gums to the sun & look up
cause life is The Love of Memory

i find my hardships lie
in all this lazy life
that i’ve been letting myself yield to

in the bed i'm sleeping with
lays my shedding skin
& all the fortunate things i’ve got

if i was an astronaut
my mind'd be full of cheese
cause i’ve got that impossible disease

when the dark comes to meet my eyes
& the moon faints low & ebbs & dies
all i’ve got is my crackling crinkling mind

i am a lonely man,
with my head held down
into a selfishly younger love

yenning to break through every door
of every wasted floor
of that gentlemen’s only club
Track Name: Tel Aviv
We build up our persona
From a razed ground a Tel Aviv
& we graft our garden cities
Long a river to the sea
& we all need a...

...Shell to call ourselves to
A life to grow from seed
As we urge entropic boulders up
That spring hill we’ve conceived
From our wasted lives

Can you tell my eyes are blue?
That the thrill of the sea is
Winding me to go

We cycle people we've been
Live amalgamated lives
As our skin will show
All its blemishes
As the sun will tan the white

Winter cleans what the sun
Has sunned & kills us in its goal,
Til two beaks arrive on
The Reigns of Spring
To duet us that
We’re getting older than we used to be

Can you tell my eyes are blue?
That the thrill of the leave is
Yelling for me to go

In the shimmering mirror,
Hides a crystalline fear
Where you must step a
milky foot to begin

Yet what I can't escape
Is the longing on your faces
Because what you want
Is well within your reach,
But you refuse the dark
On the grounds that you can’t see
Track Name: Porteño
I'm leaving it all behind,
All those well placed lives
I'm taking my chances as the ship
As the wind on the highest of tides
To become a Porteño:
Live forever in a wandering life

I landed on an island
On the rock of the straight
I took my time with my meals
I smoked a cigarette & drank
All there was to drink
& laid with the sand hearing
Hand claps & flamencoing strums

I got up one morning,
Left the Aegean Sea,
So I did the same with Spain
I steamed
my boat to the open ocean streams
& pulled it down to Rio
The Ember City the sea glistening

I danced the Carnivale
I kissed all the pretty girls
I smelled the tropical fruit
& the breezes off sugarloaf
But in my wanderlust I left
The soft sand for the silvering south

I've got this seedling
Growing in my eyes
I've got this feeling
That I’ll find something
That no one has ever seen,
I’ll hold it close & I'll find it green

I came upon fair winds,
In its silver lining
I danced the tango, a Porteño
I wanted to know
If I could find a place
In which to let loose my losing mind

I sailed around the horn,
The Peruvian shore
I found the Incans, the high lands,
Old mountains of purple & gold
Yet the winds still called me.
Track Name: Finding it Found
finding it, finding it found,
a palace in the forest,
where wild beasts are tamed
and drowsed
i walk through the fog,
is the sun still around?
i am lost.

finding it, finding it found,
it seems a homeland to some man,
but the name to me rings false,
and as i come upon the door
to a silhouette of a girl,
i’m undone

is this Home?
where the winds of my sighs,
where the waves that bring me life,
where the markers of the night

in the smallest of the isles,
is a house made of vines,
its home to a woman
with a weavable smile,
who feeds you yourself,
take this warning as help,
search the sea

if you cant resist:
take up Molyroot
and milk it of its juice,
kiss her, try to kill her,
swear her on your manhood
lay her down
plant a kid in her crown,
Find Yourself Found

is this Home?
now send me on my way,
songs of the sirens
or the monstrous strait
but point me home.
Track Name: See I'm You
I have yet to find myself by
Traveling the sea
Well I think you’re pretty blind
If you think that makes you free
Well you know that I’m all right
You know that I’m just fine,
Then just keep me
in your lovely eyes
I think you’ll see I’m right
Attachment never leaves you time
To find out who you are,
Well I don’t think you
Sailing around will get you very far
Well you know that I’m all right,
Yeah, you know that I’ll be fine
If you keep me in your jewel a while
You’ll see I’m something nice
You’ll see I’m something nice
A mirror to see
All those things
my mind denies me
See I’m you
I guess you’re mine
Please don’t be a siren
I’m looking for Penelope
Well I can’t say how things will go
But put water to the seed
Even though I see your lovely,
Love ain’t what I need right now
Places always are
There waiting
But love won’t always be
Yet those things
As tainted as they are
Still bring life
To an appreciating eye
Look to be surprised,
A mirror to see
All those things my mind denies
See I’m you
I guess you’re mine
Track Name: クロアシシャクケイ
i believe it that you need me,
but seven years can be deceiving
& i think sometimes
i’d better be on my way out,
but when I’m on your island
i see the seas you help survive in
& i look at you in new lights
lovely lisp outside the oyster
I can see your bowing legs,
& their skinny, I like the taste of
The inside of your thighs
When I’m giving you head,
& when i touch your eyelids
with my lips there’s no denying
that you are something like
porcelain & you lead me with
your voices
O i’m feeling like i did the other day
& i know you love me
& sometimes that quells the silence
i have said love, &
that won’t ever be false
cause i can see myself with you,
in the tiers of tears of all things
the fears to mirror the mysteries,
my dear appears in pathways,
when i am alone
i find myself thinking of homeward
but the wind here lets me warm,
cause it’s you breathing
was there something out there?
you know it’s weird,
I can’t remember.
sometimes my tongue it tastes cloy
but at least it isn’t bitter.
& I can barely see the rose
while it takes me by the noses
& turns my head from thinking
into dreaming
call lips or hold my eyes
but don’t hold me in disguises
i don’t feel much like moving now,
i think i’ll lay among your flower
O i need it, take my arm
& make it walk
i can see the road ahead but
i feel no need to get there
i can see waves crashing
all around the shores
but you keep me safe in caves,
the springs, the sprigs of violets
you hush me from the violence,
you touch me with your parlance
Track Name: Rose Cottage
are we on this set track that keeps on growing
or is it like the river next to me that passes
us by in its flowingtime slides along
our troubles are not yet known
see the scars on your bones look
the treetop mountains blowing it’s god
feeling the meadow that he’s
petting, dreamwalk in a prairie
hand the beards to greening
wheatstalks now becoming
golden, lay dawn in the soil
feel! put an ear to the
ground hear the mosses moving
realize it’s just you breathing
wake to find yourself
in someone else’s life
breathe! deep & sigh
rub the pinpricks out your
eyes believe that stars are
past lives looking lightly
the future
binds around your
brown hair as i scent
along the waking brim, i’m spilling


Hold yourself up
Sleeping eyelids lift
Your head from the kin of
The bed breathe a new history
Take the wisps of the mystery
Shape your skin with my
Fingerprints getting up in silence
Stretching in the Phoenix see
Your trimmings blowing planting all
New seedlings it’s sunny & you’re
Atoning & the heat it takes our
Clothing, slink over my way your lips
(your lust) are fidgeting the
Chair ‘neath my legs. we head to
The porch & drink gin have a cigarette
i can’t breathe from the mold from all the
leaves it turns night again, you’re tearing,
from being hopeless from the feeling
that this is it, as good as it gets, give
it up a while & cut your hair in spirals
Leave it for the morning & see your trimming blowing
Now dry your cheeks from crying take optimism
Sometimes there’s nothing I can say but
Take your time to see our life (our luck)
Borning us everyday


Iroha Momiji fledglings
Fall in pink whirlwinds down to your caverns
Stretch yourself out, let’s go dreaming
Tangled like willows from an egg to a minnow
Naked lounger sleep softly in moon silken charms lay in
Its room till the sunshadows dance on your face.
Track Name: Wanderer Christened
Speak-through muse, and give to me a destiny
(Daedalus dreams about new life) Say out loud
with passions proud engrave my touch (Daedalus
decides on leaving home) let loose the ropes and
pines for home and sail into mists (Daedalus
searches for his port) with listless lips for perfect
ends you'll be jealous (Daedalus becomes lost
upon his road) to find Everything is fine the
Wanderer Christened.When I sing, Aoide listen
and speak your trust (Daedalus finds the mirror of
Akiko) Daedalus in painful blisses can see his
touch fade into mist (Daedalus visits a rose
among the grove) because of you everything is